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Department of Communication Studies

About Our Department

Welcome to the Communication Studies Department:

In a world where employers rate effective communication as the most preferred skill, where the legal system is built on arguments, where families and relationships are held together by stories, and where politics needs critical yet civil discourse, the study of communication has never been more important.

Communication Studies at Kansas State University is a growing department that values community. Our classes generally have fewer than 25 students, faculty advise students from day one until graduation, and we proudly support nationally competitive debate, forensics and mock trial teams. Students have opportunities to apply their knowledge and hone their communication skills by participating in our internship program, research practicums, study abroad experiences or student clubs.

The communication studies faculty includes scholars trained at the best doctoral programs and coaches from the top-ten ranked programs in the country. Our faculty members are known for their excellence in the classroom while also conducting original research. Moreover, the faculty has extensive professional training in communication coaching, argument, public speaking, facilitation, mediation and message framing. We are laying the foundation to be an integral part of Kansas State University's goal to be a top 50 research University by 2025.

We invite you to learn with us!

Best Wishes,
Tim Steffensmeier
Head, Department of Communication Studies
Kansas State University


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