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Department of Communication Studies

Faculty and Staff

Kansas State Communication Studies offers a variety of courses, offering students some of the most interesting and relevant ideas in the field. Classes introduce and expand upon foundational principles of legal communication, relational and interpersonal interaction, organizational analysis, and political communication. Instructors also cover public speaking and other material regarding everyday communication.



 Greg Paul

Gregory Paul

Interim Department Head

 soumia bardhan

Soumia Bardhan

Assistant Professor

 craig brown

Craig E. Brown

Instructor & Director of Forensics

 darren epping

Darren Epping

Instructor, Assistant Director of Forensics, & Director of Public Speaking

 soo-hye han

Soo-Hye Han

Associate Professor

 colene lind

Colene Lind

Associate Professor & Graduate Program Director of Studies

 Alex McVey

Alex McVey

Assistant Professor & Director of Debate

 David Procter
David Procter

Associate Professor & Director of Center for Encagement and Community Development


Stacy Salmon


 timothy shaffer

Timothy Shaffer

Assistant Professor 

 travis smith

Travis Smith

Instructor, Lead Advisor, & Internship Coordinator

 Tim Steffensmeier


Tim Steffensmeier

Associate Professor & Director of the Leadership Communication Doctoral Program 



Cassidy Stefka



William James Taylor

Instructor & Assistant Director of Debate

 Heather Woods

Heather Woods

Assistant Professor & Graduate Program Director for Admissions and Outreach

Graduate Teaching Assistants


 crii lewis

Christopher (Crii) Cox

 Noelle Doty

Noelle Doty


Onyedikachi Ekwerike

 hannah erdman

Hannah Erdman

 lisa Fiori

Lisa Fiori

 scott heise

Scott Heise


Harrison Homelvig


Calvin Horne

 tara jackson

Tara Jackson


Lora Kirmer

 Kayla lansing

Kayla Lansing

 nur makbul

Nur-E (Fortune) Makbul

 jacob miller

Jacob Miller

 Chloe Nelson

Chloe Nelson

 Marlene Pierce

Marlene Pierce


Michelle Strypejko

 Jeremy Williams

Jeremy Williams

 delta wilson

Delta Wilson
Retired Faculty


 bill schenk hamlin

William J. Schenk-Hamlin

Professor Emeritus

 chrlie griffin

Charlie J.G. Griffin

Professor Emeritus