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Department of Communication Studies

Sarah Riforgiate

Sarah Riforgiate

Associate Professor

Email: sriforgi@k-state.edu
Campus Phone: 785-532-6776
Campus Address: 201 Nichols Hall

M. A. and Ph. D. Arizona State University, Tempe, AZ – Hugh Downs School of Human Communication
B. S. University of Illinois, Urbana, IL – Department of Speech Communication


Dr. Riforgiate's academic endeavors concentrate on improving the understanding of the intersections of paid work and private life for individuals, while exploring practical solutions to reduce conflict. She has conducted a variety of organizational communication research projects including consideration of how emotions organize communication patterns, how federally mandated organizational policies are communicated among organizational members, and positive organizational experiences, among other projects. She also has conducted research to help develop and test theories focusing on the division of domestic labor – a private life concern, which has a large influence on interpersonal relationships and organizational practices.


Dr. Riforgiate's research has been presented at various communication conferences and has appeared in the following journals:
Communication Monographs
Electronic Journal of Communication
Journal of Family Communication
Management Communication Quarterly
Western Journal of Communication



Organizational Communication
Communication Internship Program
Communication and Leadership
Organizational Communication Theory
Business and Professional Speaking
Small Group Communication
Work/Life Challenges and Contemporary issues in Organizational Communication
Conflict and Communication
Communication in the Family
Conflict Management and Negotiation
Introduction to Interpersonal Communication
Persuasion and Social Influence

Other Communication Courses
Introduction to Human Communication
Public Speaking

Graduate Level Courses
Perspectives in Human Communication
Communication and Negotiation of Work/Life Intersections
Masters Independent Study Courses:
Qualitative Explorations of Communicating Through Multiple Personalities
Qualitative Research Methodology
Communication of Intern Assimilation and Organizational Identity
Organizational Communication and Technology Adoption



Dr. Riforgiate's CV can be found here.