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Department of Communication Studies

Timothy Steffensmeier

Timothy SteffensmeierLeadership Communication Ph.D. Director, Kansas Leadership Center Director, Associate Professor

E-mail: steffy@k-state.edu
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Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin (2005), Communication Studies
M.A. Wake Forest University (1999), Communication
B.A. Hastings College (1997), Communication Systems & Marketing

Biographical Info
Associate Professor, Communication Studies
Research associate with the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy (ICDD)

Dr. Steffensmeier's primary research interests are in rhetorical invention, deliberative democracy and argumentation. These interests inform his scholarship concerning sustainable community development.

Representative Scholarship and Grants:

  • "Future of Higher Education" Funder: Interactivity Foundation $53,000 (2010-2011)
  • "Central Great Plains Climate Change Education Partnership" Funder: National Science Foundation $979,136 P.I. Ben Champion (2010-2012)


  • Readings on Argumentation w/ Angela Aguayo, Strata, 2008.
  • "Building a Public Square: An Analysis of Community Narratives." 2010 Community Development Society Journal.
  • "Argument Quality in Public Deliberations." w/ William Schenck-Hamlin 2009 Argumentation and Advocacy. 45.1, 21-36.

Currently, Tim is engaged in community development research with Public Square Communities, LLC and civic leadership training with the Kansas Leadership Center.

Graduate Courses

  • Rhetorical Criticism 
  • Classical Rhetoric
  • Perspectives on Communication

Undergraduate Courses

  • Communication and Democracy 
  • Leadership Communication
  • Argumentation Theory
  • Introduction to Human Communication
  • Theories of Organizational Communication 
  • Dialogue on Democracy
  • Business and Professional Speaking 
  • Small Group Discussion Methods

Outside of Nichols Hall, Tim consults with communities, businesses and political organizations on leadership development, presentation skills, and message framing.