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Department of Communication Studies

Who We Are

Communication for Change

The graduate program in Communication Studies at Kansas State seeks transformation. Specifically, we want to…

  • improve society through research, education, and competitive forensics;
  • offer practical advice to communities for healthier relationships, politics, and organizations;
  • help students develop expertise for people-centered professions, teaching and coaching, and doctoral or professional education.

Our research-intensive MA program is distinguished by…

  • small seminars in theory, methods, and special topics, covering the critical conversations in Communication Studies;
  • faculty-student research collaborations as well as mentorship of student scholarship;
  • full-time students gaining teaching and coaching experience through assistantships;
  • innovative education beyond the classroom, from study abroad to campus internships to community dialogues on difficult topics.

We seek students who are…

  • part- or full-time;
  • recent BA or BS graduates of communication and allied fields, as well as those returning to higher education;
  • curious about meaning-making, relationships, culture, conflict, power, organizing, persuasion and argumentation, or dialogue and deliberation;
  • wanting to challenge themselves and others to do better, using communication and rhetoric for good.