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COMM 105 and 106: Public Speaking I and IA

CoverText: Goulden, N. and Schenck-Hamlin, W. (2009). Creating Speeches: A Decision-Making Approach, 3rd Edition. Plymouth, MI: Hayden-McNeil. ISBN: 978-0-7380-3616-8.

This is a custom text available only through the Union bookstore or Varney's in Aggieville. Most texts available from online vendors are the 2nd edition. Please be sure you have the THIRD edition.

The overall objectives of Public Speaking I and IA at Kansas State University are:
(1) to help students become better public speakers and
(2) to help students become more effective critical listeners.
More specifically, the course aims to give students the opportunity to learn to compose and present speeches that: maintain audience interest, create a change in the minds of audience members by promoting understanding and introducing new knowledge, change audience attitudes and behaviors, leave audience members with strong memories of the speech content.