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Department of Communication Studies

Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Communication Studies Program will be able to:

  1. Think clearly, critically, and creatively in response to communication problems.
  2. Express their ideas in oral and written messages that are coherent, persuasive, and ethical.
  3. Demonstrate the communication skills necessary to engage in personal, professional, civic and social relationships.
  4. Adapt oral and written messages to diverse audiences.
  5. Analyze and evaluate verbal and nonverbal messages in differing social, political, and cultural contexts in order to assess their effectiveness and
  6. Demonstrate comprehension of significant issues in the history, theory, and criticism of human communication.
  7. Listen critically.
  8. Work productively in groups and teams.

Communication Studies Division SLO Matrix

Communication Studies University SLO Matrix

Communication Studies Assessment Summary 2012-2013