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About Our Department

Welcome to the Communication Studies Department! Comm Studies is a place where change and growth happen, where people find a sense of belonging, where relationships are formed and strengthened, and where students prepare for their professional and civic post-college pursuits.

Communication is at the foundation of our lives and experiences – in our families and friendships, our workplaces, our communities, our countries. It is no wonder that the skills developed by our majors – communication, presentation, facilitation, exploration, investigation – are some of the most needed and sought after skills in workplaces and communities.

As you dig into this website, I have no doubt that several things will strike you: the expertise of our faculty, the success of our teams, the quality of our undergraduate and graduate curricula, the numerous opportunities be involved, and the preparation for your next steps after college. Our faculty are experts in a variety of subjects: technology and social media, artificial intelligence, conflict resolution and restorative justice, work-life balance and conflict, citizen dialogue and political communication, intercultural/international communication, environmental communication, public deliberation and civic engagement, and more. Our debate, forensics, and mock trial teams consistently perform at the highest levels. Our student organizations – Lambda Pi Eta and Comm Studies Ambassadors – provide students a place to connect, grow, and serve. Our internship program prepares students for lifelong professional success.

As you can see, Comm Studies is a vibrant program. Not only do we play a central role in helping Kansas State University accomplish its Vision 2025 goals, we help people to grow, connect, and engage.

We invite you to learn more about and join this home we call Comm Studies. If I can answer any questions you have or if you’re wanting to learn more, please feel free to email or call me.

All the best to you,


Greg Paul

Department Head, Department of Communication Studies

Kansas State University




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