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Colene Lind

Associate ProfessorColene Lind

Email: colenejlind@ksu.edu 

Campus Phone: 785-532-6818

Campus Address: Nichols 209


Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin, Rhetoric and Language (2013) 
M.A., Kansas State University, Speech (1998)  
B.A., Hastings College, Speech and Political Science (1993)


Political Communication
Criticism of Public Discourse
Senior Colloquium
Senior Honors Thesis


Rhetorical Criticism
Political Communication 
Biographical Info

Dr. Lind studies the way that people use language to solve public problems, with a special emphasis on debates that engage scientific, technical, and envioronmental issues.  She offers practical insights into how and why people say what they do, as well as concrete suggestions for improving public processes.  


Drawing on her study of the final development phase of the Vision for the Future of Water Supply in Kansas, Dr. Lind studied how citizens used language in environmental decision-making. By better understanding the rhetorical choices participants make when talking and writing about natural resources, she aims to improve such public processes.

Most Recently, Dr. Lind has extended this work into the realm of preemption.  An integral part of the U.S. system, preemption allows higher levels of government to set the authority of lower levels.  Since 2013, Kansas has passed laws preempting local authority to regulate weapons, housing, wages, food labelling, and land use.  Analysis of how Kansas argues for and against these measures will give academics better understanding of political culture and practitioners effective means to encourage local policy innovation and participation.  


Lind, C.J. (Forthcoming). Speaking of place: Analysis of place-based discourse in participatory decision-making.  In K.P Hunt, G.B. Walker, & S.P. Depoe (Eds.), Breaking Boundaries: Innovative Practices in Environmental Communication and Public Participation. Albany, NY: State University Press of New York.

Lind, C. J. (Forthcoming). Everyday epistemologies: How people talk about public knowledge and what it means for deliberation. Journal of Public Deliberation.

Han, S.-H., & Lind, C. J. (2017). Putting powerfulness in its place: a study on discursive style in public discussion and its impact. Argumentation and Advocacy, 216-233.

Lind, C. J. (2014). Deference in the district: An analysis of congressional town hall meetings from the C-SPAN video library. In R. Browning (Ed.), The C-SPAN Archives:An Interdisciplinary Resource for Discovery, Learning, and Engagement (pp. 59-77). West Lafayette, IN: Purdue University Press.


Dr. Lind's CV can be found here