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Department of Communication Studies

Soo-Hye Han

Soo-Hye Han
Associate Professor

E-mail: soohye@k-state.edu
Campus Address: 316C Nichols Hall

Ph.D., University of Texas at Austin
M.P.I.A., University of Pittsburgh
B.A., Kyoto University of Foreign Studies

Dr. Han's primary research interests are in political communication, citizen dialogue/deliberation, and civic engagement. She is particularly interested in how people come to know their place in a democracy through political discourse and mediated messages. Dr. Han's earlier work examined how voters have been portrayed in news media and campaign discourse in the U.S. since 1948 and what can be done to promote electoral participation. Her recent work investigates citizen dialogue and deliberation both online and face-to-face and explores ways to foster a more inclusive discursive space. Dr. Han's work can be found in the following journals: Argumentation and Advocacy, American Behavioral Scientist, Journal of Public Deliberation, Communication Research Reports, Electronic Journal Communication, Communication Teacher, Computers in Human Behavior.


Graduate Courses  
COMM 630: Political Communication
COMM 630: Voices of Citizenship 
COMM 780: Intercultural Communication with a study abroad component in Japan
COMM 799: Problem in Communication Studies
Undergraduate Courses
COMM 320: Theories of Human Communication
COMM 321: Advanced Public Speaking
COMM 326: Small Group Discussion Methods
COMM 433: Communication Research Methods
COMM 450: Communicating Across Differences
COMM 480: Intercultural Communication
COMM 480: Intercultural Communication with a study abroad component in Japan
COMM 551: Senior Honors Thesis