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Department of Communication Studies

Tim Steffensmeier
Tim STeffensmeier

Professor &
Director of the Leadership Communication doctoral program at the Staley School of Leadership Studies.  (This is a joint appointment as director of research at the Kansas Leadership Center based in Wichita, Kansas.)


Email:  steffy@ksu.edu
Campus address:  257 Leadership Studies Building 
Campus phone:  785-532-6085

B.A. Hastings College
M.A Wake Forest University 
Ph.D. University of Texas, Austin 

Dr. Steffensmeier's publications focus on civic leadership, public deliberation, and rhetoric. This research has been grant funded by the National Science Foundation, Kettering Foundation, and Interactivity Foundation. Tim brings consulting experience with companies and communities on leadership development and communication skills. This includes serving as faculty for the Kansas Leadership Center since 2010. Tim is a former department head of Communication Studies at Kansas State University (2012-2017) and served as editor for the Journal of Public Deliberation. Tim has a Ph.D. from the University of Texas, Austin in communication Studies/Rhetoric.