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Department of Communication Studies


Current Opportunities

ISN (www.isnetworld.com), Dallas, TX, Summer Internship - Flyer    Job Description     

DHS Cyber and Intelligence Analysis Webinar, Internship Opportunities - Flyer     Webinar Registration

Student Internships

Communication Studies at Kansas State University is proud to collect some of the finest intellectuals in our field. Our passion to put together a cohesive and capable faculty works to the benefit of those job-seeking communication scholars who are excited by the prospect of working with a talented cohort and helping to grow a strong overall department. We are also highly interested in motivated individuals pursuing experience working with our department via internships.

For more information on Communication Studies internship opportunities please contact Dr. Travis Smith


“My internship helped changed what I defined as ‘professional’. When applying for internships, leave your expectations of what an internship should be at the door. Be excited and willing to accept an internship that offers the chance to gain real world experience.” -Abby Harbour

"The Communication Studies Internship was the best decision I made in my college career.  I was able to bridge class concepts into a real world environment and my summer experience lead directly to a job in my field upon graduation.  I would strongly recommend this experience to all communications majors."
- Greg Hayes

“My participation in the Communication Internship Program enabled me to experience how what I was learning the classroom was applicable in the real world. The program also provided me the ability to reflect on my experience, which ultimately enabled me to figure out what I wanted out of a job, workplace culture, and specific areas of interest." -Jenna Surprenant


Learn more about past student internships!

Employment Opportunities

ISN (www.isnetworld.com), Dallas, TX, Associate, Business Development PRogram, Contractor Development - Job Description     ISN Benefits

DHS Cyber and Intelligence Analysis Webinar, Internship Opportunities - Flyer     Webinar Registration 

What Can I Do with a Communication Studies Major?