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Department of Communication Studies

Graduate Program

We here at Kansas State University are very excited about our communication studies graduate program!

The Department of Communication Studies offers an M.A. degree and has nine full-time graduate faculty who provide a generous selection of courses in rhetoric and communication. Read more about our faculty here. Many of our former graduate students have been recruited and hired by other colleges and universities to coach and teach and have also transitioned into organizational life successfully. Our graduate student debate and speech coaches have coached teams across the country. In addition, Kansas State University maintains a public speaking requirement for all its undergraduates, which trains roughly 3,000 students per year in message preparation and speech criticism. Graduate students have an opportunity to gain valuable experience teaching public speaking while working toward their degree. Unique for a master's program, our graduate teaching assistants are the primary instructors for public speaking, running their own classrooms and helping to develop curriculum and materials. Many graduate students have parlayed this experience into full time teaching positions. Additionally, the communication studies program contributes to the Institute for Civic Discourse and Democracy, an interdisciplinary collaborative that seeks to strengthen citizen engagement in and understanding of democracy. Graduate students also have an opportunity to work for the Institute on an assistantship.

We note that our graduate program is under the aegis of and subject to the policies, rules, and procedures of the Graduate School at Kansas State University, as outlined in the graduate student handbook. Our faculty stands ready to help you with your graduate program. The Handbook should help you navigate the Department's requirements, freeing your time to pursue your interest in communication. In that endeavor, let us wish you the best success as a student and, ultimately, as a colleague.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have questions or if you would like additional information about our program.