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Department of Communication Studies

Alumni Success

DJ Woo, M.A. Kansas State University, Ph.D. University of California, Santa Barbara


"I am so grateful for my advisor (Dr. Sarah Riforgiate) and other faculty mentors at K-State who helped me find the right Ph.D. program and connected me with the right people in the discipline when I was just a master's student."

DJ Woo graduated with an MA in Communication Studies from K-State and now works as a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in the School of Communication Studies at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. After graduating from the Communication Studies Master's program here at K-State, DJ went to the University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) as a doctoral student. DJ decided to come to K-State because we offer Graduate Teaching Assistantships. DJ wanted the experience of teaching, even though she did not know that’s what she wanted to do for a career. While at K-State, DJ enjoyed teaching and research, which ultimately is what led her to decide to continue on to a Ph.D. and become a professor.

Bill Lucio, M.A. Kansas State University

Bill Lucio"My advice to prospective students is that change is good, and KSU will definitely change you, but it's a positive change you will be talking about for the rest of your life. And, come on… you'll never find another Varsity Donuts anywhere else in the States!"

Bill Lucio graduated from K-State with an MA in Communication Studies. While in the program, Bill taught Public Speaking, coached the speech team and researched. Bill is currently the full-time Director of Forensics and in a tenured-track instructor position. One of the most valuable things that Bill learned through the Communication Studies MA program was how to prioritize his time, and he credits this learning process to the "amazing graduate faculty and fellow graduate cohorts."

Laurie Davis, M.A. Kansas State University

Laurie Davis"K-State is a welcoming environment with endless opportunities. So, when an opportunity for a graduate assistantship was offered to me it was an easy choice to stay at K-State and further my education."

Laurie Davis is currently working as a project manager at Interprose, a strategic communications firm that specializes in promoting high-technology companies and organizations. She started at Interprose as a Public Relations Coordinator after graduating from K-State with a Masters in Communication Studies. Laurie also attended K-State as an undergraduate in the Communication Studies Department and couldn't pass up the opportunity to stay and earn a master's. For Laurie, the skills she gained through this program and writing a thesis helped her transition smoothly into the field of PR and Marketing.

Quick Facts

Degree: Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Credits: 30 required; core courses in social-scientific and rhetorical perspectives

Course Delivery: Face-to-face seminars with some online and hybrid courses available

Thesis, report, and comprehensive exam options available