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Department of Communication Studies

Graduate Student Learning Outcomes

Graduate Students of the Communication Studies Program will have demonstrated:

  • A grasp of foundational theory, issues, and history in the discipline
  • Advanced-level knowledge in communication including one or more areas of specialization (e.g., persuasive, interpersonal, political, and/or rhetorical communication)
  • The ability to synthesize and critically evaluate information pertinent to communication research
  • The ability to plan and conduct a program of independent research that makes a useful contribution to the communication research community
  • The ability to select and apply the appropriate methodological tools to a research question
  • A grasp of the methodologies basic to both quantitative and interpretative studies in communication
  • The ability to effectively present and discuss academic research; and
  • The ability to write for professional publication

Alignment Matrix for Graduate Students (PDF)

Annual Assessment Summary for Graduate Students (PDF)

Quick Facts

Degree: Master of Arts in Communication Studies

Credits: 30 required; core courses in social-scientific and rhetorical perspectives

Course Delivery: Face-to-face seminars with some online and hybrid courses available

Thesis, report, and comprehensive exam options available