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Department of Communication Studies

Student Ambassadors

Did you know that Communication Studies is one of the fastest growing departments at Kansas State University? Starting spring 2017, we need your help! All Communication Studies students are invited to become part of the first group that works to elevate Communication Studies outreach and impact. Benefit from faculty interaction and networking opportunities with alumni and friends of Communication Studies.


Communication Studies Ambassadors serve semester terms as advocates and representatives at social and recruitment activities. They also provide valuable feedback on the department.

Ambassadors must have Communication Studies as their primary major along with at least 12 completed COMM credit hours. They should also possess the following skills:

            • Ability to communicate effectively.

            • Ability to take direction from faculty and staff.

            • Ability to work directly with prospective students, alumni and donors to advance the mission of the department.

            • Ability to work independently.

            • Flexible schedule.

            • Interest and/or experience in recruitment or representation.


Informational meeting at 4 p.m. Nov. 7 in Nichols 236

Applications are due Nov. 14 and can be found HERE.