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Study Abroad

 Ireland Title

The Department of Communication Studies invites applications from undergraduate and graduate students (all majors) for its Summer 2020 study tour in Ireland

Admission is competitive.  Deadline is February 15, 2020


  • Satisfy Major, Minor, or Elective course requirements (including Leadership Studies minor requirement)
  • Satisfy K-State 8 Global Issues and Perspectives requirement
  • Satisfy Human Diversity and Historical Perspectives requirement for DDPE Certificate Program
  • Satisfy K-State Honors Program requirement (with contract)
  • Utilize Financial Aid to fund this 2-week course and apply for K-State and other scholarships (check "Helpful Links" for details)

Please contact Program Director: Professor Timothy Shaffer 


Program Description:

This is a course about two richly complex and multidimensional terms: communication and democracy. As an undergraduate and graduate course undertaken while within the Republic of Ireland, we will explore these themes through an Irish lens, especially the historical roots that have shaped Irish politics and culture as well the recent examples of how deliberative dialogue processes have shifted how political issues are addressed.

We will be guided by these learning outcomes:

  1. Think deeply and critically about what democracy means, theoretically and practically. This includes how we speak about democracy as well as how we speak within democratic settings. Communication is both critical and essential to democratic life.
  2. Learn how different processes and approaches engage argument and position within deliberative settings, with specific emphasis on citizen assemblies.
  3. Understand the different ways in which communication is employed for democratic ends—even while those ends vary.
  4. Develop our understanding of “the other” in our midst with real-work implications because of these differences—real or perceived.
  5. Reflect on our own identities and the ways that we situation ourselves in democratic life as civic professionals. 



  • Walking tour of Dublin City Center
  • Dublin Castle
  • St. Patrick Cathedral and Cathedral of the Holy Trinity
  • Trinity College
  • Guinness Factory Tour
  • Leinster House
  • Aran Islands Tour
  • Strokestown Famine Museum
  • Roscommon Country Common Council
  • Guest Lectures


The application, eligibility, itinerary, tuition and associated investment, and deadlines can be found at:


For more details, check “Helpful Links” (on the top right-hand corner of the page) or contact Program Director, Prof. Timothy Shaffer (tjshaffer@ksu.edu).