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Department of Communication Studies

Undergraduate Students

Communication is the cornerstone of our lives. Communication studies focuses on understanding and improving how we speak and interact with each other in our relationships, workplaces, homes and communities.

Explore communication

Communication studies graduates are skilled as critical thinkers, problem solvers, engaged listeners and collaborative partners. Our majors develop expertise in relational, organizational, political or legal communication. Our expert faculty are passionate about helping students explore a world shaped by communication.

Build relationships

Our majors build close relationships with each other and with faculty through classes, research partnerships, education abroad and other high- impact learning experiences.

Open doors

Communication studies opens doors and prepares students to pursue their career goals. Recent graduates have found success in project management, operations management, human resources and communication consulting. The major also is a great jump start for pre-law or other pre-professional programs.


Why Communication Studies?

Quick Facts

Degrees:  Bachelors of Arts or Bachelors of Science
Areas of Study:

Political Communication

Organizational Communication

Legal Communciation

Relational Communication


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