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Department of Communication Studies

Admissions FAQ

How do I apply to Kansas State University?

All of the information you need to apply to K-State can be found at Admissions.

How do I declare a Communication Studies major?

You can list Communication Studies as your major when you complete your application paperwork. You can also find information on declaring and/or changing your major at the Academic Career and Information Center.

What does my future career look like with a degree in Communication Studies?

A wide variety of options await you once you graduate with a degree in Communication Studies. Our students work in a variety of fields -- from politics to education to business. Others graduates of our program are successful graduate school and law school students. Additionally, our new internship program offers experiences. You can learn more about our major tracks, and see what some of our recent graduates are doing.

Can I minor in Communication Studies?

Yes. A Communication Studies minor requires 18 credit hours. Learn about our minor program.

Additional Questions

If you have questions that are not addressed on this page, please contact our main departmental office (785-532-6875) or commstudies@ksu.edu


Why Communication Studies?

Quick Facts

Degrees:  Bachelors of Arts or Bachelors of Science
Areas of Study:

Political Communication

Organizational Communication

Legal Communciation

Relational Communication


Department Scholarships

K-State Scholarships

What can you do with a degree in Communication Studies?

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