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Department of Communication Studies

Relational Communication

Our lives are spent in relationships with others. From family, romantic partners and friends to co-workers,
supervisors and clients to neighbors and other community members, we are constantly interacting and
communicating with people. While many assume that communication comes naturally, miscommunication
and misunderstanding are abundant in most relationships.

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Core Courses

COMM 320: Theories of Human Communication (3 hrs)

COMM 330: Rhetoric in Western Thought (3 hrs)

COMM 431: Criticism of Public Discourse (3 hrs)


COMM 433: Communication Research Methods (3 hrs)

COMM 550: Senior Colloquium (3 hrs)


COMM 551: Senior Honors Thesis (3 hrs)

Total: 12 hours

Relational Communication Courses (Pick 12 hours)

COMM 322: Interpersonal Communication (3 hrs)

COMM 323: Nonverbal Communication (3 hrs)

COMM 326: Small Group Discussion Methods (3 hrs)

COMM 450: Special Studies in Human Discourse (3 hrs)

COMM 480: Intercultural Communication (3 hrs)

COMM 526: Persuasion (3 hrs)

COMM 535: Communication and Leadership (3 hrs)

COMM 542: Relational Communication (3 hrs) ***REQUIRED***

Total: 12 hours



15 hours of additional COMM courses.

Additional Requirements

3 hours must be at the 500 level or above (in addition to COMM 550 or COMM 551).

Why Communication Studies?

Quick Facts

Degrees:  Bachelors of Arts or Bachelors of Science
Areas of Study:

Political Communication

Organizational Communication

Legal Communciation

Relational Communication


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